Bits of my mind.

I’m so sick inside I wanna hurl it all out, but I’m afraid it would  turn me inside out. When I’m in the shower I stand there and just imagine the steamy hot water melting the tired shell of me away. I’ve spoken so much I do not even want to speak anymore. They are […]

Serious Tumult

Sometimes my brain gets so twisted. Feeling desperate, mentally arrested. Too many conflictions. So many contradictions.  Things unanswered, no rhyme or reason.  The depressing, dead of winter is the season. Boredom, restlessness, anger, depression.  I do not invite this tumultuous session. Happy. Glad. Then mad and sad. Realizing you have just been had.  

A Minute of Innocence

There once was a girl so innocent, and young. Running around playing, and having fun. Trusting everything, and everyone. Then all the trust POPPED like a loaded gun. Everyone seemed odd. She wanted to hide. They all thought it was cute that she was shy. She would hide behind mom with one open eye. She’d […]