A Minute of Innocence

There once was a girl so innocent, and young.

Running around playing, and having fun.

Trusting everything, and everyone.

Then all the trust POPPED like a loaded gun.

Everyone seemed odd.

She wanted to hide.

They all thought it was cute that she was shy.

She would hide behind mom with one open eye.

She’d take deep breaths and deeper sighs,

Not knowing exactly why.

She started growing, trying to figure things out.

All she could do was loudly shout.

She was fighting demons only she could see.

Barely, since they were hidden so deeply.

Her mom was no longer her friend.

Β She was growing, and mom was at her wits end.

They argued, and fought all the way through.

If ONLY mom could see that little girl was her too.

She fought. She apologized over, and over.

She started to feel lower, and lower.

Wondering what kind of child she must be,

Always having to say the apology.

Never once hearing it back,

Wondering what it was that she did lack.

Mom was hard headed, stubborn, and set in her ways.

That’s just how things were back in her days.

But you see mom she was really crying out,

for you to just listen, and not fight and shout.

( this is not done)


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